DEBRA Butterfly Children’s Charity is appealing to government agencies to cover the cost of the much needed, specialist, EB team of nurses that work tirelessly to support and care for children with Butterfly Skin

These costs are currently met by the charity:  DEBRA Spain is the only national support system available for families with Butterfly Skin:  a rare and currently incurable disease that causes extreme fragility of the skin.  The charity is also bidding for further investment into research and appealing for more commitment and greater financial support. Within […]

Celebrate with us: join the 304 families with Butterfly Skin in Spain

304 families: the most recent campaign launched by the Debra Butterfly Children’s Charity to raise awareness for children with Epidermolysis Bullosa. Known as the most painful condition you have never heard of.  EB is a rare and extremely debilitating disease that gives no respite over the festive season for families who have to live with […]