Celebrating European Patients Rights Day

This important day takes place on the 18th of April:  it is a marked occasion for open discussion and serves to reinforce commitment to the 14 rights established for European citizens. 

These rights were established to encourage the cooperation between the different health care providers and to reinforce the degree of protection for patients affected by any illness regardless of where they live in the EU.

According to the charter, people affected by EB have the right to access personalised treatment to help prevent the effects and chronic symptoms of the disease. From Debra we are asking that patients be given access to the full level of treatment needed, free of charge, including preventative physiotherapy and skincare products.

The current health crisis is affecting many different sectors and the charity sector is facing an unprecedented challenge.  With fundraising income wiped out and charity shops closed Debra is facing the devastating impact of loosing 80% of its revenue. We recently launched the #YourSupportOurShield campaign to raise awareness and help with our fundraising, so that we can continue to support families with our team of specialist health care professionals.

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