Celebrating birthday?

Make it amazing and support the Butterfly Children’s Charity Discover how you can make your special day even more magical. Your support will be the greatest gift of all.

Enjoy the gift of giving and make this years celebration exceptional:


A Charity Birthday party is a unique and personal way to celebrate your day and make it even more memorable.


Birthdays are a fantastic opportunity to evaluate the future. You can give back on your Birthday and raise awareness for EB.


How can you help?

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Birthday cards:

Use your party invitation to introduce the charity and ask for a donation to be made in your name insted of receiving a present. We can even design your cards for you!

Create a fundraising page:

There are lots of different alternatives, but Facebook is a very easy one to set up and donations can be made in one clic. We can help organise this for you.

Help raise awareness:

Include a collection box at the party and distribute information leaflets so that guests can make a donation and learn more about the Butterfly Children’s Charity.

Join us!

We are here to help you with your planning and to discuss any fundraising ideas you may have to support families with EB. Call us 952 816 434 or write to us at pieldemariposa@debra.es