The Carrefour Foundation finances a specialist paediatric unit for wound care a La Paz Hospital for children with Butterfly Skin

24 May, 2021

The Carrefour Foundation financed the acquisition of the equipment for a paediatric unit for patients with Epidermolysis bullosa at La Paz University Hospital, (an important national reference centre for EB) that currently attends to approximately 50% of people with EB in Spain, the majority of these are children.

The Carrefour foundation in collaboration with DEBRA the Butterfly Children’s Charity organised a Webinar with EB patients to raise awareness and talk about the support and work of the Carrefour foundation.

The virtual meeting was attended by the director of the ministry for Disability and Social Rights Jesus Celada, director of the charity Evanina Morcillo Makow, Alba Ancoechea, director of the Federation for Rare diseases (FEDER) and representatives from the Carrefour foundation vice-president Julien Veyreir and the CEO Maria Cid.

The webinar was an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of a specialist unit for children with EB.  They require extensive wound treatment and bandaging and this must be done in a controlled environment to ensure the best possible care.

We are immensely grateful to the Carrefour foundation for this incredible project. This specialist unit is a dream come true for the charity and we are so happy that this will very soon be a reality.


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